Knowing strangers better.

Dating is not new concept to humans. It has long history of selective behaviour of humans. Selection of your mate depends upon your taste and preferences. We know that when we see a beautiful face we get attracted to that person. I agree that the beautiful face might not be so attractive to other person.

If you go on dating in today’s world you might first see the stranger in a bar or whatever place you will be in , it might be at Airport lounge or at railway station etc . What I want to convey is that we go infront of that person and start conversation.

Don’t go by the looks only , the person you might be liking may be lacking important things which would be important to you . So how to check weather the person is evil or good person.

The picture above shows that it is evil . It is evil because it has got horns on his head . In reality people looking good might be rotten persons inside. The best thing is you start conversation but tricky part is knowing his taste and preferences . The taste of a good person is related to his hobbies. The better the hobby the better the person.

Even we can get weather he is spoiled person or a good person by his taste and preferences. Good person has something different perspective .

Good person have high moral values and great thinking. Conversation before dating leads to safe and happy relationships. So dear readers my point is don’t date blindly, that may be the worst mistake of your life.

So stay safe and stay away from evil person.


We all have belief that god who made us, has made us with some purpose yes that’s true you have to look deeper into this world and you will come to know, whatever we think and thought is miracle in itself. We are answer to the question . The question we asked who are we and why has god created us. The answer to this question is hidden in your being. When you know your inner self you know that withn us is some kind of power that is beyond any bodies control. No one has that much power that he can take your thoughts and the things you know . Everybody is unique and has his own way of understanding . Everyone knows something which makes him what he is .

When I look deep into this world I see fast trains , fast cars , big network of roads and latest inventions and innovations which has shaped our society and made life much easier and comfortable.

We are the answer to our own questions and we are the question in itself. When we believe that we have something which can help others to solve their problems then we should come forward and act like a light in the darkness. May be we are getting out from the day to day stresses . We are all conscious how to get rid from stress and pain. We will succeed when we will liberate our senses from narrow thinking to broader way of thinking. Narrow thinking is nothing but our limitations of understanding . Come out from it and think beyond worlds perspective.

Know yourself better.

Successful person is who , who knows his strength and weakness. Money is important to run your life but it is not the only sign of success. Money can come to you in many forms, but you should love what you are doing. It is best to know the true story how to achieve success in life so I will write my story. Ever part I am writing is true to the best of my knowledge.

Start is like this . As usual you know realities of life , nothing good was happening in my life , same story but true if you will read I will tell you how to achieve success so continue reading. Lost my job got divorced and end up in isolation from the friends and colleagues .

The love of reading led me to the self help books , I buyed Robin sharmas books even many more from various authors. Passion of reading lead me to the state of mind with calmness and clarity. I applied for a project and got completed the course and as well as my project. Sheep fram in Kashmir.

What I believe now is I dont have to be stagnant. I have to open my wings to fly much greater places. The main thing is believe in yourself rest will come to you .

That is the truth and you should work on yourself also. Stay happy and healthy.

Loving painting

I started loving to see painting from my early childhood. Nobody told me about the importance of seeing painting and its impact on our lives. I went to the museum one fine day . I parked my SUV in the parking lot and went inside the museum gatekeeper looked towards me and smiled. I smiled back and gatekeeper said “sir after a long time you have visited this museum. I had never visited that museum before, I didn’t said anything to gatekeeper but smiled back and went inside the museum. I saw the paintings of women looking towards other direction it seemed she was looking at something else not towards me. It was well crafted and had dim colours used but those colours had a great impression on a person who would look at the picture. Some painting have deeply given great pleasure to people who love to look at the paintings in detail.

Some paintings have great messages hidden in them . It is said “one image= 1000 words” . Painting defines the culture of olden times how they use to live. Like painting of emperors and their way of living and hobbies. Painting has appreciated beauty of nature and also beauty of women also. It depends upon the painter’s creativity and love for art. Good painter’s work can bring great joy to the people who see it in detail.

Some paintings are too scary and disturbing but that is the beauty of it . You can get bit disturbed but that is the beauty of the art. It is said Sushant sing rajput has got disturbed feeling looking at the painting of a satan eating his own child . The sentence eating his own child is quite disturbing for us but it has happened were bipolar father killed his own child even bipolar mother killed her own children’s.

My intention is not to disturb anybody but I love the art and appreciate the artist how they creatively create a masterpiece. Thanks for reading my blog . Hope you would have liked my writing.

Waking up

I woke up today and just skipped my morning ritual. My morning ritual is taking shower then go for morning walk and after coming back I write my journal. I read for 1 or half an hour . Today I just woke in a different way. After my morning cleaning I put my tv on and watched movie star interview what I saw was after a controversial life how he was behaving and talking with host . He was true about his life he had a confidence with truthness. The more successful the star is the more balanced he is .

It is me not the star . I just posted my picture because I cant promote the actor on my blog.

I know man is the most powerful and energetic that he can achieve whatever he wants but he needs proper working on that part more he need to give his 100% into that and he will definitely achieve whatever he wants.

In my opinion best thing in this world is to be happy and peaceful. Calmness and clarity of mind is the only thing which everybody one want to achieve .


We all say we have hole in our personality. To fill that hole we , read watch movies listen music. We do things we like to fill that hole inside us. We get more fear sometime while living our life . Einstein was a great scientist who changed the way people look at the science . He loved music very much he use to take music breaks while working on science projects. The point is to fill the hole we need to give more love to get back love . The more you give out the more you will receive it.

Love is the language for broken hearts. Love is the need of the people. We are associated with good person’s around us but do we really love them enough that they will rase their voices on our behalf. They will help us when we will be in deep trouble. Good relationship is what help us to develop our inner self and fill that hole . We should love ourselves to understand ourselves better. We should love our near ones to being loved by them.

Believing in fantasy.

We read fiction novels to keep us entertained. Benefits of reading fiction are numerous. It improves our cognitive function and is exercise to our brain. Two main benefits are empathy and compassion. Fantasy is the greatest source to improve our imaginative abilities. Fantasy keeps us hooked to the book till its end , if it is written well.

Harry Potter is one of the best selling book series because it is written well and fantasy lovers are infinity. We are in great positions or we have matured to the level where we think fantasy is no more our cup of tea, as we are adults.

Wake up and start reading a fantasy books. Trust me and give it a shot . It will port your mind to a new world where you yourself get engaged in the story . You imagine a world that is new to your mind . It creates a picture that you have not seen yet or it might be the modification of that picture .

The world of imagination has lot to do to uplift your mood . Fantasy is the oldest form of entrainment . People in the age of empires use to listen the stories of evil creatures and imaginative world. It is also the habit of Iranian people where they have coffee shops where some one gets up to tell them the stories of fantasies and people gather their to listen. They enjoy the sip of Iranian tea in a crystal glasses and listen carefully what a story tellers have to offer. You know that reading books do transform you but reading fantasy makes you mentally fit and healthy. So my readers love to read fantasies and love your life.

Racial discrimination.

Humanity is not made of one entity or one element. It is composed of group of entities and elements to form the structure of this world. Do we call ourselves humans after this kind of heinous crime. The person under your custody begging lift the knee so I can breathe properly.

This world is made with diversity in it . We are humans, we need to live with other people no Matter what community they belong, no matter what colour they have. If a black guy solves your life problems like doctor, engineers and philanthropist. They need to be respected back.

Dont treat yourself superior over other people who are under your empire. They are humans with same kind of thoughts and feelings.

It will change you.

We all know that something is more powerful more mystic. Have we ever thought about the rituals we do to please him or to know him better, they are in the form of prayer. What is prayer. It is ment to clean your thoughts from impurity of wrong thoughts. You will feel bit relaxed after you have done the prayer. The prayer is praising and remembering him in that particular time of prayer. The gratitude liberates your weak and low thoughts. You come up with more cleaner thoughts and you feel contented. Mind is the most powerful entity in this world. The more knowledge you acquire the more silent you become. The knowledge which changes your behaviour is the effective knowledge you have ever received. Knowledge which shapes our way of thinking is power to this humanity. Knowledge is gift to humans so they may understand their almighty.

Truth .

I have read lot from my childhood, in my childhood I use to buy student magazines and books. I have never give up on reading. My love for reading is passion. I dont read particular books confined to one genre. I have read autobiographies, novels , self help books and the books I buyed randomly. I have come to some conclusion and that is . A well read person takes good decisions, he can achieve lot than other fellow of his flock. His level of thinking has purity and clarity in it . He understands world in better perspective. He is more empathetic and compassionate. He reaches to the level of understanding where he find ultimate calmness of mind . We can call that state higher consciousness. Dear bloggers read lot and write good things. Write with passion but morally correct.