Racial discrimination.

Humanity is not made of one entity or one element. It is composed of group of entities and elements to form the structure of this world. Do we call ourselves humans after this kind of heinous crime. The person under your custody begging lift the knee so I can breathe properly.

This world is made with diversity in it . We are humans, we need to live with other people no Matter what community they belong, no matter what colour they have. If a black guy solves your life problems like doctor, engineers and philanthropist. They need to be respected back.

Dont treat yourself superior over other people who are under your empire. They are humans with same kind of thoughts and feelings.

It will change you.

We all know that something is more powerful more mystic. Have we ever thought about the rituals we do to please him or to know him better, they are in the form of prayer. What is prayer. It is ment to clean your thoughts from impurity of wrong thoughts. You will feel bit relaxed after you have done the prayer. The prayer is praising and remembering him in that particular time of prayer. The gratitude liberates your weak and low thoughts. You come up with more cleaner thoughts and you feel contented. Mind is the most powerful entity in this world. The more knowledge you acquire the more silent you become. The knowledge which changes your behaviour is the effective knowledge you have ever received. Knowledge which shapes our way of thinking is power to this humanity. Knowledge is gift to humans so they may understand their almighty.

Truth .

I have read lot from my childhood, in my childhood I use to buy student magazines and books. I have never give up on reading. My love for reading is passion. I dont read particular books confined to one genre. I have read autobiographies, novels , self help books and the books I buyed randomly. I have come to some conclusion and that is . A well read person takes good decisions, he can achieve lot than other fellow of his flock. His level of thinking has purity and clarity in it . He understands world in better perspective. He is more empathetic and compassionate. He reaches to the level of understanding where he find ultimate calmness of mind . We can call that state higher consciousness. Dear bloggers read lot and write good things. Write with passion but morally correct.


When I started working in ” India infoline ” in Bangalore as a telemarketing executive. I took a rented one room , kitchen and small bathroom in a apartment . My laptop was not working properly due to some software issues and I didn’t got the time to get it fixed. I use to wake up at 7:30 am as soon as I was getting up , I use to open my front door to take morning newspaper ” times of India ” and milk packet laying on the floor. It was my morning delight to get some endorphins released. Then after reading newspaper and taking my breakfast I use to go to my office. When I use to come back at evening after hard days work as a telemarketer , I had no means of entertainment, no tv , no laptop. Those days mobile phones didn’t have touchscreen or internet. Mobile was used as calling and texting so I had only books to feed my questing mind. I use to read books to pass the evening till 11:00 pm . Then same routine waking up at 7: 30 am and going to office. Sunday was ment for reading books and going to parks and some street walking. Books taught me great things in life and I became a person of high thinking and understanding. Yes reading transform your personality. People start calling you well-read person.


We are well read person, we read lot , we watch movies, we listen music, we use internet. The point is what have we learned. What is life . The way we live it are the way others live it . Life is about living it happily. It is not how long you live it but it is about how happily you live it . Remember one thing dont get happiness in a wrong way , drinking and partying is not happiness, you may call it pleasure. Pleasure is not permanent it is temporary. Pleasure can give you a high but on the long run ruins your happiness. Happiness is state of mind . It is a journey not a destination. You should find your mode of happiness. What makes you happy through good habits not by temporary pleasure habits.

Life as it is .

I have seen this life in various forms. I worked as a tele caller in Bangalore. I worked as a trainer in mass info tech at pulwama Kashmir. I have done various other jobs also . You learn lot of things in your life step by step.

I will tell you truth of life . Life when lived in ignorance is not life to live . Life lived with consciousness is blessing. When you are conscious you know what is happening around you . You know who is your friend and who is your enemy. You know who is making hole in your ship and you know who is throwing out water from the ship. You need not to take action immediately when you have seen the wolf but you need to act wisely to get rid from the wolf.

Good habits transform you . Like reading books, Walking , writing journal, using internet wisley. Drugs, alcohol and smoking makes you weak. You can make poor decisions when you are weak. Bad habits affect the way you think.

Live this life in full potential and strength . Make good changes in your life the result will be good.