Loving painting

I started loving to see painting from my early childhood. Nobody told me about the importance of seeing painting and its impact on our lives. I went to the museum one fine day . I parked my SUV in the parking lot and went inside the museum gatekeeper looked towards me and smiled. I smiled back and gatekeeper said “sir after a long time you have visited this museum. I had never visited that museum before, I didn’t said anything to gatekeeper but smiled back and went inside the museum. I saw the paintings of women looking towards other direction it seemed she was looking at something else not towards me. It was well crafted and had dim colours used but those colours had a great impression on a person who would look at the picture. Some painting have deeply given great pleasure to people who love to look at the paintings in detail.

Some paintings have great messages hidden in them . It is said “one image= 1000 words” . Painting defines the culture of olden times how they use to live. Like painting of emperors and their way of living and hobbies. Painting has appreciated beauty of nature and also beauty of women also. It depends upon the painter’s creativity and love for art. Good painter’s work can bring great joy to the people who see it in detail.

Some paintings are too scary and disturbing but that is the beauty of it . You can get bit disturbed but that is the beauty of the art. It is said Sushant sing rajput has got disturbed feeling looking at the painting of a satan eating his own child . The sentence eating his own child is quite disturbing for us but it has happened were bipolar father killed his own child even bipolar mother killed her own children’s.

My intention is not to disturb anybody but I love the art and appreciate the artist how they creatively create a masterpiece. Thanks for reading my blog . Hope you would have liked my writing.

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