Believing in fantasy.

We read fiction novels to keep us entertained. Benefits of reading fiction are numerous. It improves our cognitive function and is exercise to our brain. Two main benefits are empathy and compassion. Fantasy is the greatest source to improve our imaginative abilities. Fantasy keeps us hooked to the book till its end , if it is written well.

Harry Potter is one of the best selling book series because it is written well and fantasy lovers are infinity. We are in great positions or we have matured to the level where we think fantasy is no more our cup of tea, as we are adults.

Wake up and start reading a fantasy books. Trust me and give it a shot . It will port your mind to a new world where you yourself get engaged in the story . You imagine a world that is new to your mind . It creates a picture that you have not seen yet or it might be the modification of that picture .

The world of imagination has lot to do to uplift your mood . Fantasy is the oldest form of entrainment . People in the age of empires use to listen the stories of evil creatures and imaginative world. It is also the habit of Iranian people where they have coffee shops where some one gets up to tell them the stories of fantasies and people gather their to listen. They enjoy the sip of Iranian tea in a crystal glasses and listen carefully what a story tellers have to offer. You know that reading books do transform you but reading fantasy makes you mentally fit and healthy. So my readers love to read fantasies and love your life.

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