We all say we have hole in our personality. To fill that hole we , read watch movies listen music. We do things we like to fill that hole inside us. We get more fear sometime while living our life . Einstein was a great scientist who changed the way people look at the science . He loved music very much he use to take music breaks while working on science projects. The point is to fill the hole we need to give more love to get back love . The more you give out the more you will receive it.

Love is the language for broken hearts. Love is the need of the people. We are associated with good person’s around us but do we really love them enough that they will rase their voices on our behalf. They will help us when we will be in deep trouble. Good relationship is what help us to develop our inner self and fill that hole . We should love ourselves to understand ourselves better. We should love our near ones to being loved by them.

13 thoughts on “Love

  1. Avran I have forgotten after our first chat to read your blog posts but through your todayโ€™s like I recall about your blog. This post is really awsm . Love is the language of broken hearts. Love matters for them who are free from give and take phenomena. Commendable sincerely. You are very thoughtful blogger.

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  2. I can feel the depths of your reflection here. You are so right, love is what we all need the most. And God is love! He is perfect love, exactly what we need to fill the hole on the inside! I know He loves you so deeply ๐Ÿ™‚ He gave you a very special writing gift, too!

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  3. This was a beautiful piece – it’s true that we can be around people often, but maybe we don’t show them enough love so that they would be there for us when we need them. Love breeds love – the more that you love others, the more you will be loved. Thank you for sharing that incredible message. โค

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