Waking up

I woke up today and just skipped my morning ritual. My morning ritual is taking shower then go for morning walk and after coming back I write my journal. I read for 1 or half an hour . Today I just woke in a different way. After my morning cleaning I put my tv on and watched movie star interview what I saw was after a controversial life how he was behaving and talking with host . He was true about his life he had a confidence with truthness. The more successful the star is the more balanced he is .

It is me not the star . I just posted my picture because I cant promote the actor on my blog.

I know man is the most powerful and energetic that he can achieve whatever he wants but he needs proper working on that part more he need to give his 100% into that and he will definitely achieve whatever he wants.

In my opinion best thing in this world is to be happy and peaceful. Calmness and clarity of mind is the only thing which everybody one want to achieve .

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