We all have belief that god who made us, has made us with some purpose yes that’s true you have to look deeper into this world and you will come to know, whatever we think and thought is miracle in itself. We are answer to the question . The question we asked who are we and why has god created us. The answer to this question is hidden in your being. When you know your inner self you know that withn us is some kind of power that is beyond any bodies control. No one has that much power that he can take your thoughts and the things you know . Everybody is unique and has his own way of understanding . Everyone knows something which makes him what he is .

When I look deep into this world I see fast trains , fast cars , big network of roads and latest inventions and innovations which has shaped our society and made life much easier and comfortable.

We are the answer to our own questions and we are the question in itself. When we believe that we have something which can help others to solve their problems then we should come forward and act like a light in the darkness. May be we are getting out from the day to day stresses . We are all conscious how to get rid from stress and pain. We will succeed when we will liberate our senses from narrow thinking to broader way of thinking. Narrow thinking is nothing but our limitations of understanding . Come out from it and think beyond worlds perspective.

One thought on “Transforming

  1. The content is Good .. This is Aqib from Apna Publish, as i said this is an open source platform sir and Apna Publish respects and are fully committed towards the content protection of all the writers around the world .. Thank you

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