Knowing strangers better.

Dating is not new concept to humans. It has long history of selective behaviour of humans. Selection of your mate depends upon your taste and preferences. We know that when we see a beautiful face we get attracted to that person. I agree that the beautiful face might not be so attractive to other person.

If you go on dating in today’s world you might first see the stranger in a bar or whatever place you will be in , it might be at Airport lounge or at railway station etc . What I want to convey is that we go infront of that person and start conversation.

Don’t go by the looks only , the person you might be liking may be lacking important things which would be important to you . So how to check weather the person is evil or good person.

The picture above shows that it is evil . It is evil because it has got horns on his head . In reality people looking good might be rotten persons inside. The best thing is you start conversation but tricky part is knowing his taste and preferences . The taste of a good person is related to his hobbies. The better the hobby the better the person.

Even we can get weather he is spoiled person or a good person by his taste and preferences. Good person has something different perspective .

Good person have high moral values and great thinking. Conversation before dating leads to safe and happy relationships. So dear readers my point is don’t date blindly, that may be the worst mistake of your life.

So stay safe and stay away from evil person.

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