Know yourself better.

Successful person is who , who knows his strength and weakness. Money is important to run your life but it is not the only sign of success. Money can come to you in many forms, but you should love what you are doing. It is best to know the true story how to achieve success in life so I will write my story. Ever part I am writing is true to the best of my knowledge.

Start is like this . As usual you know realities of life , nothing good was happening in my life , same story but true if you will read I will tell you how to achieve success so continue reading. Lost my job got divorced and end up in isolation from the friends and colleagues .

The love of reading led me to the self help books , I buyed Robin sharmas books even many more from various authors. Passion of reading lead me to the state of mind with calmness and clarity. I applied for a project and got completed the course and as well as my project. Sheep fram in Kashmir.

What I believe now is I dont have to be stagnant. I have to open my wings to fly much greater places. The main thing is believe in yourself rest will come to you .

That is the truth and you should work on yourself also. Stay happy and healthy.

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