Balancing your mind

Mind is the most powerful tool that makes humans who we are. My reference to this point who we are indicates that we are something, being who we are takes a lot of hardship and suffering to understand truly who we are . We all know that mind used by our great inventors and innovators have changed our lifestyle we live in . Big clean homes with state of the art appliances in them and laxiours cars to drive. American dream happened when inventions and innovation , clean transformative ideas given by innovators shaped our society to next level. It was the hardship and harsh environment which transformed human from raw living to comfortable living. Mind from its constant conditioning to innovative understanding of one’s own being has made human mind a powerful tool to execute and implement its programming to result oriented outcomes.

If you want to use your mind to its true potential and feel its powers then you have to work upon it. Ok don’t worry live life laxiours but don’t miss understand gratification. Impulse control and delayed gratification plays pivotal role of living life perfectly.

Whenever we feel disturbed or little stressful we drink alcohol. You might have read about drinking in moderation is bad . I will say drinking is overall bad . Little stress and we take little drink makes us dependable on it . So point is forget about drink do some other activities that make you feel good. It might be watching a good movie, listening music, reading or whatever you feel comfortable but not bad things, you know .

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